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This program provides the student with a broad general education and intensive study within the major as preparation for professional careers in public accounting, cost and managerial accounting, information systems, business consulting in public and private sectors as well as profit and non-profit institutions. Graduates will be trained with the knowledge and expertise of accounting and finance, and other related services/professions.


  • To create skilled graduates in accounting and finance, records and reports; payroll processing and billings; Cost and managerial accounting and control, data generation and supervisions; Overhead charges computations, pricing and valuations; and Tax analysis.
  • To enable graduates to meet the current and future needs in the business and public sectors.
  • To supply professional accounting and skilled graduates with ethical and knowledge in solving all corporate problems effectively and efficiently.


Accounting and financing managers oversee the preparation of financial statements and planning activities in the finance sectors. A graduate can work as an accountant, auditor and financial especially in the government or commercial sectors. He/she can also enroll in professional accounting and financial programs.

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