Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Abdi Gudle Director
Ilays International College

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Abdi Gudle
Director of IIC

A Message from Direcotor of Ilays international college

IIC is committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of humanity both local and international communities.  It seeks to collaborate with individuals and organizations to fulfill its mission of successful community partnership and international cooperation.

The needs of the talented people

In our global economic environment, the needs of the talented people, educated, and enterprising workforce are increasing, for establishing the culture of entrepreneurship, can attract investment.  In collaboration with business sectors and with the support of government, university sector has the capability to fulfill the industrial sectors and to be source of strength of Ethiopian Somali Region and the whole country in general.

Educational institutions are in need and quality education has become as important as the daily food for the people. A new College called Ilays International College (IIC) has been initiated and opened in Ethiopia. It will be a center of high quality education for the parents who want to put their children in the right place of excellent education.

IIC aims to establish efficient and qualitative learning institutions in the country to cope the required high quality education for the current and the future generations. The experts of this institution have conducted a comprehensive technical survey to assess the overall requirements of high quality education in the country.

Therefore the IIC will concentrate its efforts to introduce Bachelor, Diploma levels of high quality education, foundation courses and provisional training.


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