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Human resource management

Duration: Diploma ,


Human resource management provide students with an analytical and technical framework that combines with a comprehensive understanding in human resource management application, practices, general business studies; and how they can apply the knowledge and skills of human resource management in companies of various sizes. The program is designed to provide the skill required to manage human resource function in the workplace. It combines essential business and communication skills with current human resource management.

Program aims

  • To train graduates with the skills required to optimize the potential of employees, while maximizing effectiveness.
  • To expose students to the spectrum of human resource practices like manpower planning, human capital management and development, talent and knowledge management, employment law, employee compensation and retention.
  • To develop graduates with pro-active characteristics who are able to think rationally and demonstrate excellent work cultures.
  • Creating equal employment environment as well as discussing the related important topics and legal issues.
  • To produce graduates with ethical and knowledge that can interact with staff at all levels and posses interpersonal skills as it’s essential to succeed in the corporate environment effectively and efficiently.

Career prospects

In human resource management will give students to opportunity to work numerous industries in the business sectors, commerce and information technology fields. Career opportunities in specialized human resource field includes human resource management officer/executive, recruitment and selection officer/executive, compensation and benefits officer/executive, industrial relation officer/executive, organization development officer/executive OSH officer/executive, management trainee and a range of supervisory positions in administrative and office environment.


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