This program focuses to enable the candidate to deeply understand the Islamic Banking operating system and the concepts of Islamic Finance through participation in class discussions and activities/practices. Market participant candidates are to be well-equipped with an excellent background about Islamic Finance and its innovative products. An introductory background on the related Islamic concepts is offered linking them to the emerging banking and financial issues.


  • To understand the main principles of Islamic finance and banking.
  • To explain the rationale for the prohibition of riba(interest) and its consequences for savings, investment, and social justice and development.
  • To consider the nature and scope of Islamic finance and its relationship with conventional finance.
  • To understand the long-term and short-term modes of Islamic finance for industry and commerce.
  • To evaluate the current practices of Islamic banks and their relationship with non-financial corporations.
  • To supply professional and skilled graduates with ethics and knowledge in solving all corporate problems effectively and efficiently.


Graduates in this field can gain employment as entry level executives and junior managers in Islamic finance sectors, small business entrepreneurships, as well as in medium and larger local and multinational enterprises. Graduates in this programs have an opportunity to participate in equate Islamic finance and banking or in any other financial institutions with ‘interest-free’.. Graduates can also gain employment in non-profit organizations and the public Islamic sectors such as Islamic financial consultant and Takaful officers.

DURATION: 6 semesters, Diploma (2 years)