This program focuses to enable the candidate to deeply understand the Islamic Banking operating system and the concepts of Islamic Finance through participation in class discussions and activities/practices. Market participant candidates are to be well-equipped with an excellent background about Islamic Finance and its innovative products. An introductory background on the related Islamic concepts is offered linking them to the emerging banking and financial issues.


Our Mission is to provide the best possible English Language programs for all individuals young and old, who either want to enroll in a College/university or simply improve their English language skills. Our mission is based on our quest to build positive intercultural relationships globally, as well as a strong commitment to delivering a high level of English courses by professional and creative skilled speakers.


Our vision is to become the premier English Language Centre in the Region which can be the first choice by all foreign and local students young or old in the Country and the Entire region. We also believe that through the mutual cooperation of our students we can both achieve our objectives and goals to deliver a high quality of education in the international language of English.


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