Marketing and Sales offers one of the best career opportunities for today’s business students. This subject includes various marketing disciplines and activities related to selecting, designing, packaging, pricing, advertising, selling, distributing, and servicing of products in the domestic and or international market. To design with the awareness that sales and marketing are critical to business which are driven by market demand. The key is to produce graduates who are responsive to customers satisfaction.


  • To produce graduates for careers in general marketing, sales, advertising retailing, distribution, and customer service fields.
  • To provide graduates with practical knowledge and skills related to planning, managing, and performing, sales and marketing activities to meet organizational objectives.
  • To produce competent sales and marketing personnel who understand the marketplace and consumer needs.
  • To produce graduates who are responsive to customers’ demand that greatly impacts on organization’s success.
  • To supply professional and skilled graduates with ethics and knowledge in solving all corporate problems effectively and efficiently.


Graduates in this program have opportunities to work in general marketing, sales, and advertising retailing, distribution, coordinator assistant and customer service fields’ officers/ executive. Marketing personals are employed locally and internationally by retail, industrial, commercial firms, schools and hospitals.

DURATION: 6 semesters, Diploma (2 years)