5 years strategic plan

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IIC 5 years strategic plan

Our strategies and plans within 5 years shall be as mentioned below:
  • To establish the main campus of IIC in Jigjiga , equip, recruit staffs and functionalize for academic year of 2007 E.C.( 2014/15).
  • To get the recognition of TVET/Diploma and Degree Programs from regional and federal level
  • To open another campus in Jigjiga for Degree programs in the same year •
    To open another three branches gradually in:
  • To offer 10 different Degree programs/fields And Eight TVET/Diploma programs
  • To finalize the Main Campus of IIC in Jigjiga City
  • To collaborate National and International Universities in Twins programs
  • To set up Research and publication centre
  • To build the capacity of IIC’s staffs ( 10 PhD, 40 MA/MSc and 50 BA/BSc)
  • To produce 750 graduates (TVET/Diploma: 450, Degree: 300) within this strategic plan and 1500 for short courses certificates
  • To establish 4 vocational trainings centers
  • To train 2000 of different skills (vocational trainings) in the region


Xaf.05, House No: 00649, Zone 4 Jigjiga, Somali regional state, Ethiopia

Office Pone: +251252780395

Asoc Prof Dr. Nur Abdi Gudle ( Director ): +251938997116
A/Rahman Mohamed Hikam ( Debuty Director Of Academic ): +251911748728

E-mail:   ilaysic@iic.edu.et  or   ilaysic@gmail.com           

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